Dirty Mother 7.00

Cuervo Gold Tequila, Kahlua, cream, served on the rocks.

Paloma Tranquilo 9.50

Camarena Reposado Tequila, Grapefruit juice, splash 7-up, salted rim, lime wedge, served tall over ice.

Coupe De Ville 9.75

Don Julio Blanco Tequila, fresh lemon, lime and orange, Grand Marnier, lager beer, served over ice.

Cactus Bite 9.50

Tres Generaciones Tequila, lemon juice, Triple sec, Drambuie, bitters, simple syrup, served in Martini glass.

Hornitos Manhattan 9.50

Hornitos Reposado Tequila, dry & sweet Vermouth, bitters.  Served up.